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The planning tool top marketers trust
to craftorganize and quickly build
effective, money-making Customer journeys
This was built to help you in 3 ways.
Plan Funnels.
Stop frustrating yourself. Get those ideas out of your head and into a clear, understandable, and actionable roadmap 
Organize Data.
Build quickly and stress-free. Now, you'll have every detail of your funnels organized, available, and ready for use
Build as a Team.
Your team aren't mind readers. They want a sharable plan that everyone can agree on. Congrats. Now you have one.
A collaboration tool for teams.
An organizational tool for solo VA's.
A client-closing tool for funnel builders.
With Funnel Mappy, you'll be better organized, better equipped, communicate more clearly, be less stressed and have more free time.
What took you 10 days will now take you 2.
Here's why.
Quickly plan out...
Funnel Mappy respects how you think.

You've got ideas, but you need clarity in how to put all the pieces together.  And do it quickly....AND without a degree in computer science.  Sometimes that's tough.

  With Funnel Mappy, you can build-out a plan for your funnels with our drag-and-drop interface.  It's dead simple.  No PhD required!
It's a Funnel-Mapping Tool That's So Effective...
You'll Cry Tears of Joy.
"Funnel Mappy is an incredible project management software for funnel building.  I can't go back to building funnels without it."
  Josh K
Easily organize...
There's a big difference between just 'drawing something out' and actually building it in real life.

Every. single. element. within your funnel has it's own properties. Keep track and quickly access information like descriptions, download URL's, email tags...and even the software used. It's all organized and at your (and your team's) fingertips.
1-Click Collaboration
Many times, building something is a group effort. That's why having clear, sharable funnel maps is very important for teams, large or small.

With Funnel Mappy, you have the ability to draw the masterplan and hand the execution work to your people...and nothing is lost in translation.

(Because in the words of every high school coach..."Teamwork makes the dream work.")
Additional Features
(You're Probably Gonna Really, Really, ReallyReallyReally.....Really, Love)
Document Hyperlinking
Easily link to essential information, such as Google docs or shared folders
Software Badges
Keep track of what things are...AND the software they're built with.
Folder Organization
Got multiple clients?  Keep everything organized now and in the future!
Knowledge Base
Funnel Mappy is easy to use...and we've made it even easier with our KB.
"Funnel Mappy is a tool that will help you create something understandable...and then something usable."
- Mercedes P., Storm Malas
A clear & organized funnel = a happy funnel.
( and happy funnels make dat money, honey )
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